Will Reddaway is not only a warm and friendly guy he is also a fab photographer who in his words loves weddings! And in our opinion he captures them beautifully. We asked him to give us his thoughts and wise words on choosing a wedding photographer so we could share them with you 🙂

5 tips for choosing your wedding photographer

Choosing your wedding photographer is a really tough decision: there are a number of factors which come into it, from photography style, to price, to personality. As photographers, we aren’t just dropping off a product at your wedding and leaving. We are with you and your guests all day.

So, below are my top five tips for helping you when it comes to picking your wedding photographer.

1. Meet with a number of wedding photographers face to face if possible. This gives you a chance to have a better look at their work; not just what is on their website and social media. It also allows you to get to know them as a person and get to know the process behind how they work before, during and after the wedding day. You should also use this time to tell them about how you want your wedding day to be. By meeting a few different photographers you will see which ones click with you both as a couple, whose work really resonates with you and at the end of it, who you really get on with. They are with you all day so you need to feel comfortable around them and feel that your guests will also.

2. Find out which wedding photography style you both really love. Wedding photography styles range from classic to documentary and there are many points in between. It is so important that you can imagine looking back at your wedding photos in that particular style and loving them for years to come. Different styles of wedding photography will also affect how a photographer works; classic wedding photographers will have a slightly more controlling aspect to their work when they are setting up photos, whereas you may not even notice your documentary wedding photographer as they go around capturing your wedding day.

3. Check out at least one whole set of wedding photos from any photographer you are considering. When I say a whole set, I mean all the images they delivered to that couple. As wedding photographers we all post the best of the best on our websites and social media, but by seeing a whole set you will get a view of the consistency of their quality and style of work. This will ultimately give you an idea of what you might get back after your wedding if this photographer were to shoot your wedding.

4. Finding a photographer you both really connect with . You probably want a photographer who is going to blend in – not stand out – as well as get on really well with you and your guests. Finding a photographer who will put you at ease and make your day even more comfortable and enjoyable is so important. When you meet with photographers you should take some time to have a coffee and a chat. Don’t just talk business, but have an informal conversation to find out if you both naturally click with that particular photographer.

5. Get in there early. As wedding photographers we get booked up to three years in advance. Once you have your perfect venue booked and the date set in stone, I think it is really important to start looking at any suppliers who can work just one wedding a day. Photographers and bands are great examples of this; you don’t want to find the perfect of either just to realise they were booked for your date more than a year ago and you left it too late.


For more information on your wedding photography visit www.willreddaway.co.uk

Here is a little info about Will himself.

Will has a massive love for people, the sea, music, waves and taking great images. He is hugely into his music, with a growing collection of guitars and the same could be said about his surfboard collection too. He has a passion for people and really thinks that comes across in his work. He loves photographing people out in pumping surf, on their wedding day or in beautiful locations.


Will really has some great points, hop over to his website for more information. Thanks so much for sharing your words or wisdom with us!

All of the pictures in this blog have been taken by Will of our beautiful Bridal Box Brides 🙂