It’s May in a few days and i’m very aware that our blogs have been a bit slow over the last few months, but honestly in my head it is still ‘just after Christmas!’

In wedding world we are still on the journey with our 2020/21 brides who are now finally being able to say ‘I do!’ in the way that they wanted to when the first started planning for their big day. Lots of brides for this year are planning later and managing to get last minute dates from venues which is great for the budget!

2023 and 2024 brides may feel like it’s to early to start looking for their dresses so let’s just stop you right there!! Dresses over the last couple of years have taken longer to produce and longer to deliver, so it’s not too early to look. If you have your venue booked then it’s definitely not too early. Dresses set the theme for everything else, your look, your flowers, your bridesmaids – EVERYTHING!

So what’s stopping you? We can’t wait to hear all about your wedding day and help you to find the most special garment you will ever buy, get in touch and let the fun begin,

Love Helen and Team BB xx