Strangely enough we have been asked this question a lot recently. We first published this blog in July last year but it is still very relevant, so we’ve added to it with some fab new dresses that we have for you to dress your curves 🙂


Over the last few weeks we have had more and more ladies asking about our dress sizes. It seems that many brides have been worrying about wedding dress shopping and have been stressing about not being able to find anything to fit when they come to try styles on. We totally understand!


We always maintain that the perfect dress should make you feel amazing when you are wearing it and you shouldn’t be thinking “if i loose 2 stone it will look great”


We have a selection of sizes available to try, our samples range in sizes from 8 – 24, whilst we know that not every dress may fit you perfectly we are here to help choose styles for you that will make you feel special and to put your mind at rest.


If you are feeling apprehensive about trying on dresses don’t worry, if you want to be on your own in the dressing room we will just be the other side of the curtain ready to help when you shout to us, we even have lovely robes in there for you to stay covered up! 🙂 And if you would rather have the boutique to yourself we will happily book you in on one of our evening appointments. We aim to make your visit to us a special one and of course, help you to find your dream dress!


So if you are worried about trying dresses on just pop in and meet us first, we can then book you in at a time to suit you and the fun can begin 🙂