What shape suits me?
Well with a wedding dress you want to look your best but you worry more about what everyone else may think than what you actually feel. Can I wear a fish tale? Are my boobs to big for a strapless dress? I want a short dress but is it traditional enough? I’m petite, can I pull off a ball gown?
These are just some of the questions we hear over and over again and the answer to all of them is usually YES !
Choosing a wedding dress shape doesn’t always depend on your shape. It’s about confidence and showing your shape off the best. Your confidence in a wedding dress will make the dress look fabulous either way, although the correct fit and bust size is a must. A dress must fit your personality and this will reflect in the shape you have. Different styles enhance different areas of your body, and this is where the confidence card comes into play.
Now let’s talk about what shapes do what….
The Ball Gown
A ball gown dress is full and has plenty of layers of tulle, traditionally strapless or off the shoulder, gathered at the waist to show off the full skirt. A ball gown works amazing on women who want to balance out their top half of their body from their bottom, the waistline will draw your attention in, showing off your waist. Ball gowns also work best on a straighter figure, to help create a curve and show off the waist.
The A Line
A classic and traditional Bridal style, an A line dress is amazing on most figures and women’s shapes. Works great on an hour glass or a pear shape figure to enhance waist line and balance out heavier bottom halves. An A line dress is also great on a an apple shape or a straighter figure by creating a waist line that can go in. The A line dress dress works similar to a ball gown however the skirt isn’t as full. An A line dress will just skim off the waist and hips and be a cleaner line with out the gathered fullness. So many types of A lines are available as this is favoured to be a traditional wedding dress.
Fish tales, mermaids, fit and flares and trumpets.
These shapes all fall under a similar category. They look amazing on fuller shapes and curvey girls to show off all the assets a woman has. Fish tales and mermaids are more fitted lower down on your legs and flare out from the knee, tucking under the bum to give a truly fitted shape. Trumpets and fit and flare dresses are similar but slightly softer, theses can range from structured dresses to simple slips and create a more slinky feel and flow. Naturally many women feel that you have to be slimmer or straighter to wear any of theses dresses but actually they look great on a fuller and curvy figures too!
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Have fun ladies
Team BB xx