Well it’s been a funny old time the last couple of months, behind the scenes Team BB are keeping all orders on schedule and updating our planner and paperwork as wedding dates and plans change.

We are taking things week by week, keeping brides up to date with fitting plans and how we open going forward. To be honest at the moment we aren’t getting into speculation as to how it’s going to work just yet as things do keep changing. Although retail stores have been given the go ahead to open from the 15th June, clothing stores still have certain restrictions in place that we need to understand a little more to make sure we can open as soon as we feel it is safe to do so after that date.

We are adamant that we want to give our brides the best experience when they are in our store, we certainly don’t want to limit what you are able to try on because we want to help you to find ‘the one!’

So as soon as everything is a little more clear for us and we know that we can give you the experience you deserve then we will tell you our re-open date and get you all booked in, we are itching to get going again and take the pause button off wedding season!

One thing is for sure, appointments are going to be fun!

See you all soon

Team BB xx