We hear it more and more,

‘Are you excited?’

‘No, I’m really stressed!’

Now, don’t get us wrong we know that weddings can be complicated things, whether you are planning on staying home or going abroad the initial planning can feel like a mine field. Where will you have it, who will you invite, how many bridesmaids, do I have to have bridesmaids? The thought process can start a headache in a flash, but lets make it easy!

At the heart of the wedding planning are two people planning on spending the rest of their lives together, two people who either want everyone with them to celebrate or want to marry on their own. Those two people are the ones that matter the most. It’s those two people that need to agree on a date, time and venue first. There, that’s the first step! Now if those two people at the heart of the wedding want help with the budgets and want contributions towards the wedding they want, then that’s when compromise has to come in. Think about what is important and what’s not, think about weddings you have been a part of or just attended in the past, weddings are a celebration, not a show. Two people showing their love for each other is what is at the heart of everything, so when stress starts to surface, step back and remember that excitement you first had when you first heard that proposal!

Don’t over think or second guess things, go from your heart, but all the time remember, this wedding is for two people, the two people that will be in the wedding photo that sits on the side board for the many years to come. In 20years time those two people will be the only ones that truly look at the photo with fondness.

Now, back to planning, does the fact that the flowers don’t exactly match the colour of the bridesmaid dresses or the best mans tie really matter?

Weddings are firstly about two people, two love birds who just want to live happily ever after 🙂

Follow your heart xx