If you have never been around a bridal party the morning of a wedding you may not ever think about putting together a ‘Survival Kit’ so we are here to give you some tips on why and what you should put together to cover all eventualities.

Firstly what is a ‘Survival Kit’? Well it doesn’t matter how organised you are sometimes the unplanned can happen and someone needs to be in control with all the relevant tools! It may be a broken nail, a loose button, a small cut or simply a hot adrenaline flush!

If you are the bride you may want to chose all the bits you want keep together, but if you are one of the brides lovely ladies this is a great gift for you to give your bride before the big day.

Here are our tips on what to have handy!

Firstly, one of our tote bags is a great way of keeping everything together, you can fit lots in there and it sits easily on the back of a chair!


  • A sewing kit – needle, cotton (bride and bridesmaid colours) small scissors, spare buttons, safety pins
  • Baby powder – Nerves and adrenaline can make you feel a little sticky so this is a must!
  • Wet wipes – they are a God send at removing make up from garments and keeping your hands clean
  • Nail file – any little sharp bits on your nails risk catching fabric so be prepared!
  • Clear nail varnish – is perfect to put over a split nail or a varnish chip to protect it for a few hours
  • Lip balm – a clear lip balm is amazing to put on your skin if anything is rubbing on your shoes or dress
  • A fan – Whether you are getting flustered before you get dressed or you are just feeling warm whilst the photos are being taken a pretty fan is a must!
  • First Aid Kit – Plasters, bite cream, headache tablets, hay fever medicine for sufferers!
  • Tissues – A must for those happy tears 🙂
  • Small Hairspray/Extra hair pins – if its a windy day that little extra help will be welcome!
  • Sunscreen/After sun – We all wish for sunshine but then forget that you can still get sun burnt on a wedding day!
  • Hip Flask – Because sometimes even the most calm of brides needs a bit of Dutch Courage!
  • Sun Parasol/Umbrella – Plan A its really hot and sunny and you need shade, Plan B its a British rainy day and you need to take cover!

ivory heart shade

Hopefully our list will help you create your own Wedding Day Survival Kit! I think we have covered most things to help the day go without a hitch but do let us know of any of your genius must haves so we can add to it and share with future brides 🙂

tote crop

Take a look at our tote bag collection so you could maybe do individual kits for the ladies of the bridal party, also choose your perfect parasol in our umbrella range!

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Happy Planning from Team BB xx