Under garments, well where do we start? Bras, knickers, slips, control pants, corsets and stockings? Its all a bit confusing isn’t it? Just follow our guidance and advice we are here to help and like we always say The Bridal Box is here to hold your hand every step of the way!

Now first things first, there is one rule to follow, it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are, its what you wear underneath your dress that makes it look so fabulous on the outside. Its not just women with a fuller or curvy figure that need good underwear!

Most of you will be needing the following items:

Good Knickers- Now when we say good knickers, we are not always talking about spanks or control pants, we mean underwear that is more of a high rise or high waisted. Something that is seamless and shows nothing. Especially if you are wearing a fitted dress or something as simple as plain satin. Just think about the women at the red carpet events, trust us, they are all wearing the correct underwear and that’s why they all look so fabulous!

A Decent Strapless Bra- We always recommend to go with a moulded cup bra, these ensure that they don’t cut you too tight that the top so you have the dreaded 4 boob look! Having one that sits slightly lower at the front so you gain more lift and control. Try to also find a bra that scoops down at the back so that you don’t see the top of it through your dress. There are many bras out there similar to what we are describing, however, we do advise that the Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless bra is great!

When you come into our boutique to try your dress on when it arrives, we will always advise you on what underwear is best to buy a you will need it for your first and final fittings!

Hope this helps ladies! Happy Underwear shopping!

Abbie at The Bridal Box xx