We get asked quite a lot why we don’t stand brides on something so the display dress they are trying on hangs off the floor. Well as a 5ft nothing lady I feel quite strongly about this!

As soon as you stand on something your proportions change, you go from having normal length legs for you to having super model length legs (don’t get me wrong i’d love that!) You go from looking like you to looking like a stretched you!

Choosing your dress is all about choosing the shape and style to suit you, when you are my height trying on fishtail dresses or mermaid shapes can be challenging depending on the cut. If you try on a fishtail dress that has a line or seam around the knee where it kicks out if can make you look out of proportion if like me you are little, it can make your body look really long and your legs look short. Now if you were stood on a platform can you see how that would change how it would look on you?

Hope that all makes sense! We are here to help and guide you to choose a dress that flatters you as you are. 🙂