Dressing women and finding dresses that make them feel amazing is something that we feel really strongly about, every bride should feel at least a Million Dollars!

Having a photo to look back on and feel proud of is a fantastic thing because lets face it we all stand in front of a mirror and find fault with what we see in front of us. And we all have photos of ourselves that we don’t like but everyone else can’t see what you see.

In the age of filters and airbrushing we wanted to make woman feel amazing about themselves without all of that, so as we have fabulous dresses to show off what better way of making a woman feel fab about themselves and also showing other women how real women look in wedding dresses, hopefully you will see someone that you can connect with, someone who is the same shape as you, the same height, the same bust size! It’s all about feeling confident and thats what we want you all to feel 🙂

So, this year The Bridal Box is having a model of the week, every week! We will be showing off one of our dresses and showing you a real body not airbrushed but looking beautiful!

If you would like to take part, get in touch and we will get you booked in! We choose the dress for you, show you where and how to stand and hey presto splash you all over our social media and blog!

2018 is all about Real Women, Real Bodies and having Fun!!

See you soon xx

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