Once again we asked one of our lovely 2019 brides to tell their story, from proposal to the big day, here Kelly tells us about her wedding journey…..

‘I waited 5 years for my husband to propose! To the point I’d brought a ring and was going to propose to him. I held back though as we had a big holiday planned to Canada and I thought if he’s going to do it, it’ll be there. 4 days into the holiday we were in Victoria sat on a bench at sunset. I was watching a couple singing and busking and Kurt turns to me and says you’d better open it. I turn around to a box in his hand, to which I said well if that’s what I think it is you’d better get down on one knee. To which he replied I won’t get up. He’s only 30! So that’s how it started.
As I said before, I’d waited a while for this moment so as soon as we’d got back to the hotel I was emailing a possible venue. We arrived back into the UK on the Friday and had visited and booked the venue by the Saturday.
A year later on 14th September 2019 we had a perfect day at the Bickley Mill, whose staff were amazing at creating the best day for us!
Everyone is right though it flies by! We wrote our own vows as well and I’m so glad I wrote them down. As soon as I saw Kurt at the end of the aisle I got emotional and couldn’t get my words out!
We also booked a characature artist for the wedding evening which everyone loved. It’s a great idea to have entertainment as it made the guests feel a part of our big day.
Another thing I did worry about was the registrar as they don’t make contact until late on the day. They do turn up though so no fret there!
Our photographer was amazing. Will Tudor. Got great pictures of our day. We didn’t make a list of photos which in hindsight I slightly regret but we got so many nice ones it didn’t matter.
Lastly The Bridal Box! I can’t thank them enough for having my perfect dress. My sister got married the year before and Helen made sure the dress experience was perfect!
I popped in to try on my dress which was in the sale. It was the one as soon as I tried it on. Only one left and near enough fit like a dream.
The Bridal Box let me go back as many times as I needed just to see the dress and try it on.
With them helping you with your dress you’ve got no other option, you’ll look stunning on your big day!!’

Thank you Kelly, making a list of photos for your photographer is a great tip I totally agree, as they are a little tricky to recreate again!

Kelly loved wearing her dress, we knew it was ‘the one’ as soon as she danced about in it, it really was the perfect dress to have fun in!

Lots of love Team BB xx