What a fabulous few days of sunshine we have had, it gets you in the mood for Spring and Summer doesn’t it! Light warm evenings, sunny days and WEDDINGS!!!

Wedding season is nearly upon us and we have had many ladies in recently who have just started their dress search for their 2019 wedding. Now we try not to look at them with a panicked expression because if you have never planned your wedding before why would you know the time scales!

Gone are the days when brides used to stock up on arm fulls of wedding magazines that were filled with planners and ‘what to do next’ lists, everything is now picture based on the internet. Let’s face it we have all created a mood board on Pinterest for whatever project we have on the go and weddings are the biggest most visual project girls do! So we all look at the pictures but don’t read the blurb! (hopefully you are still reading this!)

So time frames, how does it work for dresses?

How long have you got to plan? 6 weeks, 6 months or 2 years? In all honesty it doesn’t matter, all that would happen is you cut down on your options.

2 years – plenty of time! Yes but that time will fly! So you start dress searching, you find a dress that you love and then think great i’ll come back in 6 months and sort it out then, after all I know what I want now. Ok so then you come back and it’s been discontinued, your dream dress is no longer available, your search has to start again! We always say as soon as you start dress shopping and the minute you find ‘the one’ get it on order. If you are worried about fittings, they don’t start until 8 weeks before the wedding so that’s not a problem, at least you know that you have your dress, and the dress can then set the theme for everything else!

6 months or more – every designer is different so don’t sit back and think you have loads of time! Some designers through mid season can have lead times of 6 to 8 months, some might have the option of doing a rush cut which would add to the budget of the dress but you should still be able to get the dress of your dreams, although – i’m only speaking about the designers we work with at this point!

6 weeks – eeeek!! Exciting! Ok so unless by some amazing coincidence a designer had your dream dress as a spare (this hardly ever happens!) then you will be buying an ex-display dress which will also mean you can save some pennies! We always have a sale rail of discontinued dresses but also in such situations we do sell our current designs too, it would just mean that your choice is cut down to what we have that would fit or can be adjusted for you! Sometimes having less choice can be easier or you may just have to compromise, but we do everything we can to make sure you have a dress that makes you feel truly amazing for your big day!

So there, you now have your time scales!

Don’t delay, get in touch to find your dream dress and get your wedding journey started!

See you soon, Love Team BB! xx