With Summer heating up its time to make sure you all cover up! No one wants sunburn and also no brides or bridesmaids want those dreaded strap makes that show when you are wearing your dress!!

We all love a bit of a glow but burnt sore red skin has never looked great on anyone and it’s even worse when you burn on your wedding day!

You’ve booked a Summer wedding, you’ve been praying for sunshine and hey presto there it is 🙂 But whilst standing out having your Instagram ready wedding photos taken everyone is getting a bit hot and sticky not to mention a little pink! This is where our parasols come in! Everyone is watching for rain and the do we, don’t we need wedding umbrellas but why not get them anyway and use them for a little shade instead?

We have pretty parasols, practical parasols and big parasols, jump over to our accessories page and choose yours now, your skin will thank you for it 😉