Lots of you lovely ladies head to far off shores to tie the knot. But how are you travelling with your wedding dress?

Well we are here to help! Firstly click the link to order your travel box https://www.thebridalbox.co.uk/product-category/accessories/dress-boxes/ If you are flying away check with your airline what the measurements for your cabin luggage are, then select the closest size from the 3 sizes we supply.

When you have brought one of our travel boxes you then need to know how to pack it, so I thought I would do a step by step guide in pictures to help you pack one 🙂

Now follow the pictures and the steps below,


1 Lay your dress face down

2 Run a few sheets of the tissue that comes with the box down the centre of your dress

3 Fold the train inwards towards the middle on the left and right

4/5/6 Gently roll from the bottom up

7 Lay your dress cover in the box so you have it when you arrive (don’t forget to pack the hanger too!)

8 Place the dress into the box

9 Fold the dress bag over the top of the dress so the dress is hidden if the box has to be opened

10 Off you go!

I hope this helps and don’t forget if you need any advice on what size to buy or how to pack your wedding dress, we are only at the end of the phone or an email!