Whilst having some spare time on our hands at the moment we’ve been able to spend some time looking through old pictures and weddings have still been the main theme!

So here is a taster of the pictures and stories Helen, Sophie and Sarah have found,

This is Helen’s Mum and Dad, Anna & Alan, They Married in Sept 1965 so will be celebrating their 55th Wedding Anniversary this year!
That’s Emerald if you didn’t know!

They met on holiday one Summer, didn’t have any contact with each other but then both happened to be in the same place at the same time the following year, fate played its part and that was the start!

Anna’s wedding dress was made by her mother, Helens grandmother – Sophie, along with all the bridesmaid dresses which were a pale baby blue colour. Can you imagine how busy she was in the run up to the big day!

We love the style of the satin pencil line wedding dress with the lace top, and the stylish bridesmaid dresses!
And just like Sophies grandparents pictures below we think the candelabra’s add a real touch of glamour to the top table!


This is Sophie’s grandparents wedding, going back to September 1965!

They first met when her Swedish Granny (Anita) was working over here in England as a Nanny.
She met Martin one day when the child she was looking after cut his knee and she was walking to the hospital when my grandpa came out of his shop and offered to take them.
They didn’t have any contact from then until a few years later when they met by chance again at a jazz club and the rest is history!

We are loving the big veil, tulle train and the gentlemen’s top hats!
A real wedding of its time!


Sarah’s parents Jennifer Jane Harris and John Harris wed on the 8th April 1972 in Chelmsford, Essex at the church that her mum was baptised in.

They met in Winchester at teacher training college when he offered to carry her suitcase in the rain.

Sarah’s mum made her own wedding dress and as this was the time that the government introduced power shortage, she had to make it without electricity!! As this was the only time she had to sit and make it.

Sarah’s dads suit was also handmade and the company that did it hand stitched around the collars for free as it was a wedding suit.

We hope you love looking at these old pictures as much as we did finding them,

Stay safe

Love Team BB xx