One of our most asked questions here at The Bridal Box, is “How long does it take for a wedding dress to come in?” or “When shall I order my wedding dress?”

Thing is, all designers are different and have different lead times. Wedding season is an on going thing these days, weddings don’t just happen in the Summer any more. Winter and destination brides are getting more and more popular, so the bridal industry is busy all year round not just in the peak Summer season. The dresses themselves take a long time to arrive as they are all made to order, the dresses don’t just sit on a rail somewhere waiting for a bride, this is what makes them so special!

When we place the order of your wedding dress with the designer, we will get an estimated time of when the dress will arrive. However if you have left ordering your dress too late (like a month or few weeks before the wedding) there is a chance you may not be able to have a brand new one made, it could be a case of having to buy our display dress if it fits you or something from our sale rail. This is great if you have planned your wedding in a short amount of time or only decided a few weeks ago that you want to get married. We also have a small selection of dresses we can get on a 4 week delivery. As we always say we try to cater for every bride.

However if you have time on your side don’t delay, we generally say that the process from start to finish takes about 12 months, and when you think you have found the one don’t delay in putting your deposit down. Once you have found the dress you stop looking! There is plenty more to be moving on with, like all of the bridal accessories! Let the fun begin! xx