Well, here we go again Lockdown Part 2
Quick update for this week, we do have appointments available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday for anyone who needs one.
Then once more we close on Thursday 5th November until Thursday 3rd December.
We will of course be in touch with everyone who has an appointment booked for after Thursday.
If you are due to collect your dress we can still organise this, collections are allowed, they will be carried out in a COVID secure way, we’ve been doing this already!
Planning and dreaming are still allowed so don’t loose hope, keep in touch! 💕
We will be updating our social media pages daily, so interaction will be encouraged to keep us all sane!
Once again take care of each other and stay safe, love Team BB xxx
Oh and if you need anything, a chat, a virtual hug or just to have a moan then don’t hesitate to get in touch