So your wedding day is approaching and you’re now thinking about the final touches and dress fittings. It’s an exciting time isn’t it?

The trial of hair and make up is just as important as the fitting of your wedding dress! It’s to see the complete look you are creating for the big day and also so you can check how long everything will last. Your hair needs to stay in position from the moment your leave your room to the last dance of the evening!

It’s a good idea to try and arrange your hair and make up trial for the same day as your first dress fitting, so you can see it all together and make sure you are happy with the look. Having your hair and make up trial on a day when you aren’t trying your dress on may make you feel a little ‘over done’ and doesn’t give you a true picture of your wedding look!

Some brides are nervous about the make up part so I would suggest having a couple of trials, especially if you are someone who doesn’t wear much make up, you may feel like the make up is too much or too heavy and that’s okay this is what trials are for! What we would advise before you change anything that your make up artist has done is to take photos, do you like how it looks in a picture? It can look very different to what you see in a mirror. But be honest with your make up artist and try some other things out. Make sure you are happy, you want feel proud of your wedding photos!

As for your hair, most stylists will always get you to have a trial, again it will give you the chance to have a play and see what goes best with your dress. Don’t worry about what hair piece and veil you may have at this moment as that is what we are here for! As long as you have some idea for the stylist, they will also give you their tips and ideas for what will work with your hair, listen to what advice they give and question anything that you aren’t sure about. Coming into us after your hair trial so you can put your dress on is the perfect time to see how the look works altogether and is also the perfect time to try out some sparkles in your hair, we have tiaras, pins, hair vines and combs. There is something for every bride. As for a veil, I think there is no in between. You either love them or don’t! Most brides know this from their 1st appointment trying on dresses and if you are a veil lover make sure you tell your stylist so they know where it will sit in your hair!

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Look forward to seeing you soon!

Abbie at The Bridal Box xxx