So how do you go about getting yourself a wedding dress?

If you haven’t been with your sister or closest friend why would you know how it works?? Hopefully this will point you in the right direction!

  • Firstly book an appointment – Why? Because for starters there may not be a dressing room available if other brides have already booked, choosing a wedding dress is a personal thing, you might not want to share that experience with others and they might not want to share their experience with you 😉 We are here to offer our years of experience and knowledge, that’s what we are here for so by booking we can make sure we can dedicate the time and attention you deserve! We will help with dress shapes, fabric knowledge, the fit of the dress and little hints and tips for when you are wearing that dress for the full 10 hours or more of your big day!


  • I love this dress, I think it’s the one – Great! Can you picture yourself wearing it on your wedding day?  Do you love EVERYTHING about it? Do you love how it makes you look and feel? Would you be really miserable if you couldn’t wear it? Yes, yes, yes and yes! Well now stop looking at other dresses! When you found your man you didn’t keep looking did you?? (I’m not sure I want the answer to than one!) Nobody is denying that trying on wedding dresses is an exciting time and lots of fun but you are after all only looking for that one very special dress!

Ella Rosa Isabella

  • So this is it, I want this dress, what now? Fabulous it’s tape measure time! We take measurements of your bust, waist and hip and also a note of heel heights before looking at the designers measurement chart. You may be a size 12 in Next but that may be different in wedding dress measurements, the ‘size’ isn’t important in wedding dresses the fit is!
  • How do I pay for my dress? We have a few options for you, we can even talk you through those options when you book your appointment.

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Wedding dresses can take up to 6 months to arrive in store, it is after all made for your order and not just hanging in a warehouse! This is why many brides start shopping early, you never know how long it will take to find ‘the one!’ We never however recommend to do fittings earlier than 8 weeks before your wedding, lets face it girls we can change in size weekly!!


Never start wedding dress shopping unless you are ready to order a dress if you fall in love with one. Imagine falling in love with a dress and not doing anything about it because you feel it’s too early to commit to it, months later you decide that is the one for you and the designer has stopped making that design due to not being able to source that lace/fabric/beading any longer! The heart breaking search then has to start again – could you face it as your wedding day looms closer??

Dress shopping should be a fun experience, call us, chat to us and let us answer your questions and then help you find your perfect dress!

🙂 xx