When you have the choice of all the colours of the rainbow!

We here at The Bridal Box know how difficult it can be picking your colour theme for your wedding day, the options are endless of what we can choose, which colours go with what and who likes what colour best? So we have put together some mood boards to give you some idea and hints and tips to help you along the way.
We have decided to divide it up into seasons as colours can really set off the time of year you get married and can look simply fabulous in photos, so here we go….

We love the idea of soft Pastel tones and fresh colours, you can really play around with having different colours that blend nicely together. As you can see from the mood board, soft delicate flowers and decorations can be non matching but all work well together. This idea works wonders with bridesmaids too, it helps if you have friends that all different shapes and sizes and suit different colours because of skin tones and hair shades.
We have chosen our Amy dress as our spring dress, we love the look of the floral embroidered lace with the silky slip underneath, giving a more relaxed and boho feel for your spring wedding.



Ah Summer brights, you can go wild with bold statement colours and eye catching tones. We love contrasting colours that work well together like our mood board, sunshine yellow and bright pink. Really screams Summer! You can imagine being some where outside like this yurt camp wearing our beautiful Phoebe dress with its floral belt and soft floaty tulle, easy to dance and move around. Short bridesmaid dresses are perfect for the Summer so show off some bright shoes to match your colour theme. In the Summer there is so many flower choices to choose from, be sure to have a good chat to your florist so they can help you and get creative. We even found matching cupcakes! Yum!


This has to be one of our favourites here at the Bridal Box, the nights draw in and things begin to shine and sparkle more. We have used the autumnal sunset as our inspiration for this mood board, we love the oranges and bronze colours, dusky pinks and purples too. We imagine being at a venue with both indoor and outdoor use, fairy lights twinkling and capturing those fabulous colours in those photographs. You can still get some great dry and sunny days at this time of year.
We have chosen our Maria dress for this time of year as the beautiful champagne tone of the dress really sets off the colour theme, working well with rose gold bridesmaids.


Where do we start with a winter wedding? Here in Devon we have some of the most amazing historical venues to choose from that will set you off in that winter motion. The Adele dress is the most beautiful satin with a sheen to shine off all those twinkling lights as most venues prepare for Christmas. We love the idea of colours raging from iridescent blues to warm rich reds and greens. You can get some beautiful Winter flowers your bouquet at this time of year and this can reflect in your decor.


We hope this has helped with choosing your colour theme and given you some creative inspiration! If you want to come and see all of the colour tones of our wedding dresses don’t hesitate to get in touch!
Take care
Team BB xx