Ok so we aren’t going to complain about this beautiful sunshine but the heat can be a bit much when you are dressing the morning of your wedding.
With the hairdryers going, straighteners heating up and adrenalin pumping it’s not hard to see why girls get a little flustered, here are just a few tips to cool you down whilst getting ready and during the day.

Fans – hand held, big floor standing ones, or paper ones you used to make as a child, whatever you can lay your hands on get them!

Talc – getting into a dress that sticks to you doesn’t make it easy for whoever is dressing you to do it up! Put a little bit of talc all over your body front and back and it should help the lining sit nicely and not stick to you!

Water – Drink plenty, it’s a long day so make sure you drink! You can also cool your self down by running your wrists under cold water, which is nice and easy even when you are dressed and ready for the off.

Ice – if throughout the day you start to over heat get an ice cube and rub it at the back of your neck!

SUN CREAM!!! It may be your wedding day but that doesn’t make you invincible to the sun’s rays, pink brides and bridesmaids really don’t look very chic in the wedding photo’s!

Parasols – they are really pretty and give you some shade, a sensible solution!