We’ve been chatting to Kate from Daisy cakes about what we think is one of the most important parts of a wedding – CAKE!!! Ok that’s just our opinion! Kate really knows her stuff, she can have everything cake related under control for you so all you have to do is eat it!
Here is what Kate told us;
I’ve been making wedding cakes for over 12 years now , and every year I hear the the same plea from at least x1 couple .
It usually consists of a friend or family member pulling out of making the wedding cake . Usually last minute !
I think they panic as the day gets nearer and they realise making the cake, keeping it fresh , making the decorations and delivering it is a tall order .
We like to meet with bride/grooms at least a year before their big day . That way, all the tiny details are organised . Causing no last minute stress . The first questions we always ask are How many people is the cake to feed ? And do you have any photos or ideas of what style you’d like your cake to look like ?
That way , we can get a better understanding and be able to give a more accurate price .
We also offer complimentary cupcakes in our most popular flavours as a taste guide
I can take that pressure and stress away by organising in advance when would be a good time to deliver and set the cake up on the wedding day .
I love just seeing people’s reactions when they see the cake . It’s priceless . Often I get a photo sent or an email saying how they loved their cake . It just makes the long hours melt away …
Also because I’ve done the wedding cake , a few years later couples come back for the christening cake. That makes my day , they’ve thought about me after a few years have gone by .
To speak to Kate about all things cake related you can get in touch via her website  or call07563 499740  or pop along and see her for yourself at Cockington Court Craft Centre.