I just want to give you some feed back from brides we have helped with choosing ‘another’ dress!
Internet shopping is great for many things if you are getting like for like items that are the real deal. Unfortunately there are many sites out there promising one thing then delivering something very different.
*Do we sell from our internet site?
Yes we do, we sell off our sample dresses but the difference is we never sell something other than the picture you are buying from, it is the genuine designer garment and most of the time the bride will know exactly the dress she wants and has found our sample for sale on our site.
We have picked up the pieces for 4 brides recently who ordered online and the sites turned out to be copy sites, when the dresses arrived they had no boning or structure to them, the fabric was a cheap thin lining material that wasn’t even ivory it was more a dirty green colour and generally looked nothing like the designers picture which they thought they had ordered.
The dress you buy for your wedding should fit you perfectly and make you feel amazing, if something looks to good to be true, it often is, save pennies by all means but don’t compromise on quality.

Ladies try before you buy! One of the most pictured garments you will ever buy is too important to buy online unless it is from a bricks and mortar shop who are official stockists for designers. All bridal shops will sell their ex-sample dresses off the rail many at greatly reduced prices, so why take the risk? Don’t make planning your wedding any more stressful than it needs to be, so step away from your computer and step into our bridal shop.