So proud to have my name in print as an ‘Expert’ 🙂 After many years dressing brides I do believe that I know what works and what doesn’t on the female body what ever shape it may be!

Us ladies at the Bridal Box work so hard to make sure that everyone who comes into contact with us knows we have so much passion and love for what we do, so when we get asked to give our advice and tips we have plenty! This top tip that made it into print is one that we feel very strongly about. The wild card dress is often the one that puts the biggest smile on the brides face and gets the biggest reaction!

So if you only listen to one thing that we say make sure it is to try on the ‘wild card!’

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We would love to help you to choose your dream dress so get in touch and use our knowledge and advice to make your dress journey an easy one!

See you soon

Helen xx