It’s my 12 week challenge final update!
Firstly where have those weeks gone and secondly I’ll try not to make this into an Oscars style speech!
I’ve done it, survived the whole 12 weeks and I’ve been blown away by all of your support, Team Bridal Box, our brides and friends and family have kept me going and when doing any challenge that is so important. Two people who have been there with me step by step and who I wouldn’t have been able to do this without are my amazing other half, best friend and gym buddy Martin whose results have been equally fantastic and Chris Sumner-Trainer from Evolve Gym Torquay. Thanks Chris, you’ve turned a lazy, always tired woman into someone who can lift weights, happily go the gym on her own and do 30 minutes on the stair master – who knew! 😁

So my results 💪🏻
I’ve lost 4 inches off my waist!! 😳
20lbs in weight!😳
Nearly a stone of body fat! 😱
But most importantly I feel better, have more energy and I’m ready to keep going! So this is just the start, If I can YOU CAN! I’ll see you at the gym again very soon, come and join me! 😁
If you are looking to kick start your fitness get in touch with Chris and you could do the same 👍🏻

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